joe-tobinIf selling your mobile home park has hit some snags, and you’re reconsidering your decision to sell, let me help. Whether your park has five units—or five hundred—it can be difficult to find an experienced buyer. You may have gotten several leads only to get stuck waiting on financing; or an interested, but amateur, buyer, leading to frustrating back-and-forths. These hang-ups can create a lengthy selling process that leads to tenant confusion and anger, making closing a sale that much more difficult on everyone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Joseph Tobin, and I have 25 years of experience in buying mobile homes parks. I have the know-how to quickly assess and evaluate any property, the expertise to make it a smooth process, and the liquidity to make sure that you get cash. No financing. No contingencies. And best of all, no waiting. You can move on with the next phase of your life’s journey—and rest assured your park and tenants are in great hands.

Decades of Experience with Mobile Home Parks of Every Size

I bought my first mobile home park in 1991, getting into the business from the perspective of a lender. I liked what it offered: flexible, affordable housing for a lot of people. I was hooked. My first park had just 14 spaces. Now, I own over 10 mobile home parks.

Is your park my next investment? If you are the owner of a park in Oregon or Washington state, or a broker representing an owner looking to sell, come talk to me. I have no partners, so your sale can move quickly and easily. And, there are a few things I can personally guarantee you:

  • You can sell your park without going through large brokers. I specialize in working with individuals and smaller agents. I prefer to have a more personal interaction, and know that you do, too.
  • The real price, every time. If I get the right numbers, you’ll get the right price. Business should be open and upfront, and a good deal works in everyone’s interest.
  • Quick, discreet sales. When a park is for sale, tenants are understandably worried. I can get a sale done quickly so their lives aren’t disrupted—and so you aren’t constantly putting out fires during an unnecessarily lengthy selling process.
  • Zero cash-flow or contingency issues. Nothing is more frustrating than a buyer who is always just about ready to buy—as soon as he sells another property. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and when I make an offer, I’m ready to make an immediate purchase with cash.
  • Your park won’t be flipped and sold for more money. No one wants to feel like they’ve been lowballed—and watching your park get flipped, and your previous tenants lives disrupted, can be upsetting. I won’t do that. I love owning mobile home parks, and promise they’ll stay in my family. You don’t have to worry that your tenants will be bounced around. I know they aren’t assets—they’re people.

A Fair Deal, Every Time

I’m always here—and always ready to buy. If you have a purchase offer fall through, I have the cash on hand to step in and buy your park at the right price. I believe in fair and quick deals that work for everyone involved, from the principals to the children playing in their backyards. If you’re looking to sell your mobile home park, give me a call.

I look forward to doing business with you.

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