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I’ll Buy Your Mobile Home Park Direct

Having been in the mobile home park business for 25 years, I know why people want to sell. You may have inherited a park and want to offload it, or it may be that your operating margins are getting too high and cutting into your profits. Maybe you just don’t have any interest in the business anymore, but the difficulties of getting the right buyer are outweighing the stresses of operations. You want someone who will buy without any stress—and without any games.

That’s where I come in. I have the experience and the resources to buy your mobile home park direct, without intermediaries who cut in on your profits—and without wasting your time. If you’re looking to get out of the mobile park business, I am looking to get in.

The Experience to Give You the Right Price

I know the mobile home park business. I know what you need to succeed. Too many owners see their operating expenses moving above the 35-40% limit necessary to be profitable. You may be turning a small profit, but once you get to 45% and above, it’s hard to make a living. You don’t need that kind of stress. That’s when you want to sell—if the price, and the process, is right.

If you are looking to sell in the Northwest, I am looking to buy. When you come to me to sell your mobile park, I promise that the process will be easy. I can guarantee:

The ready cash for a sale

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a potential buyer who then reveals that his purchase depends on contingencies: he doesn’t have the cash now, but probably will soon. That is a lot of time and stress for nothing. I have the resources to back up any offer. If I give you a price, I can pay it. Right away, every time.

A fair and honest evaluation

When I audit a property, I make sure that I give you the price it is worth. No tricks, no games, and no problems. I’ll do a thorough and complete audit and evaluation, and let you know why I feel your property is worth what I’ve come up with.

A discreet buying process

It’s never good when tenants are afraid of change. They don’t need different buyers coming around—that leads to fear of closure and to people moving out, hurting your bottom line. I’m quiet and discreet. You don’t need the headache of nervous tenants.

Continuity in the park

I am not buying properties to shut them down. Owning these parks has been my life’s business, and I have no interest in making it harder for people to find quality, affordable housing options. When you sell to me, you don’t have to worry about your tenants having their lives uprooted.

Connect with Me Today to Sell Your Mobile Home Park Directly

If you own a mobile home park, you know how many people are counting on you to help them live their best lives. You provide a clean area with backyards, where kids can run around and grow up right. They count on you—and if you’re looking to sell, you can count on me. I keep my parks the way tenants need them, and I give you the best possible price with no games, no contingency, and no waiting.

If you’re interested in selling, and ready to start the process, connect with me today. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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