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The Experience To Accurately Value Your Mobile Park

What is your mobile home park worth? That’s a tricky question. For some people, its worth can’t be measured in dollars. It’s not only a livelihood, but a way of life. If you are looking to sell, you want to have the most accurate assessment of your property’s value so that you can move on to the next stage of your life without worrying that you left money on the table. To do that, you need someone with decades of experience in evaluating and buying mobile home parks—someone who knows the business inside and out.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been valuing and buying mobile home parks for 25 years. It’s my life’s work. I know what a buyer looks for. When you come to me for an evaluation, you’ll get a clear picture of what your property is worth. If you are selling your mobile home park, knowledge is power. And I want you to have that knowledge.

What We Look for in Our Valuations

There are many factors to consider in a valuation. Prospective buyers will be interested in making sure that the income generated is considerably more than the operating outlays—and that isn’t just keeping the lights on in the office or general maintenance. When you come to me, I know how to look for, and properly evaluate, all costs and assets, including common operating problems.

There are two types of these problems that come with operating mobile home parks: manageable ones, and difficult ones. The latter ones can tend to lower the price of your property. But, manageable problems can be handled easily before a sale, raising your value.

 Manageable problems include:

  • Issues with the paving
  • High water bills due to an aging water system
  • Long time vacancies
  • Space or size issues in the homes
  • Short lease rentals

 Difficult problems include:

  • Septic services
  • Well and water distribution and collection
  • Long Lease Rentals

Giving You the Knowledge You Need to Get the Price You Deserve

My mobile home park valuation service takes all these factors into account, as well as your income and projected revenue, to give you a fair estimate of what your park is worth. The truth is that some valuators will try to undersell you so that they can buy the park out from under you and turn it around for a higher price—or even shut it down and sell the land to a developer. I don’t think that’s right. It’s never been how I run my business, and it never will be.

If I am going to buy your mobile park directly, I want to give you the best price. And, you have my word I’m not going to turn around and sell it again. I want to own these parks. I want residents to be happy, and keep the valuation process from disrupting their lives.

So connect with me today to get a valuation of your mobile home park. You’ll get the right number, and potentially an offer that comes with no strings, no drama, no contingency, and no waiting. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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