Joe Tobin has purchased over eight mobile home parks from me over the last seven years. Every park that he purchases is immediately improved through better management, extensive infrastructure improvements, and tenant management. After returning to every one of the parks that Joe has purchased, the improvements are always immediately evident and impressive. His management team is persistent and professional in every way. They have the ability and knowledge to manage any mobile home park in any part of the US.

The transactions that Joe is involved in are seamless. From the offer process, through due diligence, and onto closing, every detail is addressed before the necessary date. Additionally, every deal that Joe has entered into through Rundle CRE has closed on time and without surprises. He oftentimes pays cash for the property, and has the rare ability to close more quickly than other cash buyers.

I highly recommend Joe Tobin as both a buyer and owner of mobile home parks.

Kim Berry
Principal Broker, RundleCRE

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